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co-admins-needed-xx asked: Hey! I'm looking for a few co-admins and I just started today so my tags aren't working yet. Could you be kind enough to give me a shoutout? Thanks in advance!


darktemptationsrpg asked: We are a supernatural roleplay group based off the show, can you give us a shout out? It'd be much appreciated.


Demi Lovato at her meet and greet in Hamilton, Ontario on October 20, 2014.

cusihelps asked: HEY ( tbh no idea whats going around but I like a taking a risk so thought I'd send that word)


omg ur the cutest thing ever !!! ily

  • first impression: omg i followed yall sooOOO long ago like when i first started my rph and i just thought you guys were so cute and demi and selena are super cute so i was like wow theyre really helpful and amazing i MUST follow!!!
  • truth is: you guys are so sweet and cute and i admire u so much as rphs like yall are just literally the best of the best im so blessed to have u on my dash @god amen
  • how old do you look: i don’t think i’ve seen a selfie of either of u ://
  • have you ever made me laugh: not yet
  • have you ever made me mad: no way jose!!!
  • best feature: i havent seen a pic BUT UM HAVE YALL SEEN UR THEME??????????????????????? IT’S LITERALLY SLAYING ME TO DEATH….I CANT BREATHE… dead
  • have i ever had a crush on you: nope!!
  • name in my phone: n/a ://
  • should you post this too?: SURE GO FOR IT!!!


▼▲ THEME 23 "Grande" BY Themesbycelina ▼▲ LP / Code 

Hello hello this theme took me a while, but I finally finished it. It’s probably my favorite theme I ever made, so you better like it haha. All image sizes are on the preview. You can also change the header border and description border color, isn’t that cool? Yeah it is. Okay I hope you like this theme! :)

The gradient I used can be found here!

Please don’t steal and/or claim as your own, okay?’ Message me if you want to publish an edited version of this theme, need any help or find any issues!